Agnipath Protest: Since the release of the notification of Agnipath scheme by the central government regarding the recruitment process of soldiers, there is a ruckus in the country regarding this. The maximum impact of this scheme is being seen in the districts of Purvanchal of Bihar and adjoining Bihar. The ruckus of this scheme was such that miscreants have ruined the government and common properties fiercely. The smoke of the fire has given red color to this movement. This ongoing protest in different parts of the country has now taken the form of violence. Let us inform that in the fire of this demonstration spread in different states, miscreants have set many train coaches on fire. The government and the opposition are face to face on this. Politics is intense on this matter, but no effort is being made to extinguish this fire from anywhere. The country is suffering because of this. What is Agneepath Scheme? On the other hand, if we talk about Agneepath scheme, then it is the name given to the ‘Tour of Duty’ of an Indian Army. The armed forces had started discussions on the ‘Tour of Duty’ scheme two years ago. Under this scheme, soldiers are to be recruited on a short term contract. The recruited youth will be given training and then will be posted in different fields. The scheme is already implemented in many countries In such a situation, it is important to know that in how many countries of the world the ‘Tour of Duty’ scheme is applicable. What are the conditions there? In which major countries is military service compulsory for youth? Also, how many countries are there, where the army is recruited for 4 years or less. Rules already implemented in these countries Let us tell you that there are more than 30 countries around the world, where in one way or the other, Tour of Duty has been implemented. Of these, there are 10 countries where both men and women have to compulsorily serve in the army. These include countries like China, Israel, Sweden, Ukraine, Norway, North Korea, Morocco, Cape Verde, Chad, Eritrea. In Israel men have to give 3 years and women have to serve 2 years Military service is mandatory for both men and women in Israel. Men serve in the Israeli Defense Force for 3 years and women for about 2 years. However, some soldiers may also have to serve an additional month under different responsibilities. This applies to all citizens of Israel living at home and abroad. One can be allowed to leave the army only on medical grounds. Separate limits for the Army, Navy and Airforce in Britain In Britain, different tour of duty limits have been set for the Army, Navy and Air Force. In the army, the youth above 18 years have to do tour of duty for four years. The youth who are recruited before 18 years have to do tour of duty till 22nd birthday. One has to serve three and a half years after training in the Navy and three years after training in the Airforce. Military service required for Brazil above 18 years Military service is required in Brazil for anyone over the age of 18. This happens for 1 year. It is applicable to every male citizen as soon as he completes the age of 18 years. People can get exemption only on the basis of health reasons. If you are studying in university, the service can be postponed, but it cannot be cancelled. Russia 18-27 years military service required Compulsory military service is required in Russia for young people between the ages of 18 and 27. Earlier, the youth had to give 2 years for compulsory military service here. But from 2008 it has been reduced to just 12 months. It has been relaxed for people appointed to posts like doctors, teachers. At the same time, men who have children of 3 years or less are also exempted from this. In South Korea, men have to give 11 years and women have to give 7 years of service. In South Korea, all able-bodied men have to serve for 21 months in the Army, 23 months in the Navy and 24 months in the Air Force. There is also an option to work in many government departments including Police Force, Coast Guard, Fire Service. In South Korea, there is a mandatory military service for the most years. There is a rule to serve for about 11 years for men and about 7 years for women. Turkey has an age limit of 20 to 41 years Army recruitment is also necessary in Turkey. All those men whose age is between 20 and 41 years, they have to join the Turkish army. Those whose higher education or vocational training is going on, they can postpone their military training for a few days.


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